Chiropodist in Blackrod

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Hi my name is Gail Hayes.  I provide a home or work visit for podiatry / chiropody in Blackrod. Don’t suffer with foot problems. Instant pain relief from corns, hard skin, problem nails etc.  It’s easy, I come to you.

To make an appointment with me simply call or text 07887 390 823 Monday – Friday 9.00am – 6.00pm, Saturday 9.00am – 1.00pm.

Or use the contact form – so I can answer your query.

Chiropody lends itself quite well as a profession that can easily performed in a home environment, without a decline in the quality of care for you as a patient. No need to have anything ready for me. I provide you with a strong padded height adjustable footstool and bring my own seat.

Conditions treated by chiropodists include hard skin, corns, in-growing toenails, and athletes foot. Any dressings for wounds can be applied and supplied with advice.

Probably unknown to most people, chiropodists also provide shoes inserts known as orthotics for conditions like painful bunions, heel pain and flat feet.

Receipts can be printed for private healthcare patients who need to claim their money back.