Conditions Treated

Hard skin

Caused by pressure, skin appears thick and yellow. Can be reduced easily for instant pain relief or cosmetic reasons. If left untreated can develop into corns.


Caused by pressure, simply hard skin that can be easily professionally removed for instant pain relief. If left untreated will become very painful, sometimes nerves can develop in the corn itself. The use of corn plasters is not recommended, the acid patch they contain can cause a lot of damage to skin.

Long nails

Toes nails can be cut, filed, and any dead skin underneath or at the side the nail which can cause pressure is removed.

In-growing toe nails

A common problem and if left untreated can become infected. Skin becomes painful and inflamed. Cutting the nail helps to relief pressure and the pain. Antimicrobial dressings are applied, and supplied with advice.

Thick nails

Can be easily reduced and made thinner. Caused by sudden trauma such as something falling on the nail, or repetitive trauma with tight footwear or steel toe capped boots.

Fungal nails

Nail appears yellow / brown in colour. Can thicken and crumble. The faster the treatment is given, the better chance of getting rid of it sooner as the fungus actually eats its way up the nail. Athlete’s foot can often be present also.

Athlete’s foot

Can appear between toes as cracked skin that is either sore or itchy. Can also be present across the whole foot, as skin appears dry, with patches of hard yellow skin. Diagnosis is important as can often be confused with being just dry skin. Applying normal skin cream can make condition worse.


Diagnosis is important as they can be confused with corns, for which treatment is different. They are warts caused by a virus and are difficult to get rid of. They can often go away on their own if the immune system is good.

Cracked heels

The heel area can develop painful fissures that can bleed. Any thick hard skin needs to be removed to stop further splitting, and cream applied. Certain medical conditions can make the condition worse. This can be discussed.

Dry skin

Certain medications and medical conditions can cause the skin to dry. The correct creams can help. This can be discussed.


Shoe inserts can treat the following conditions:


Large toe starts to point inwards, can be painful. The correct shoe insert can help stop the pain in the joint of the big toe.

Flat feet

Can cause ankle, heel, knee and back pain due to feet rolling in too much. A condition called over pronation.

Heel pain

Can be caused by the foot rolling in and / or tight calf muscles. Can cause pain at back of the heel, or in the inside of the foot, near the heel. Diagnosis is important.

Hammer toes

Corns can develop on tops of toes. A simple insert can help straighten them, without the need for surgery.

Morton’s neuroma

Ladies will be more familiar with this. Tingling, burning, or numbness in toes. Caused by nerve entrapment by tight fitting shoes. A shoe insert can help take pressure away from the nerve, along with footwear advice.

Back pain

Lower back pain usually comes from the sacroiliac joint. A leg length discrepancy, which 70% of the population have, can cause this.